Solar Perfect

Renewable Energy Installation

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Sunfixings Group has a dedicated renewable energy installation business: Solar Perfect, with an operating centre in Gloucestershire. Solar Perfect’s strength is in the design and delivery of Solar PV installations as well as the supporting technology emerging in the energy services sector, EV Charging and Battery Storage.

We have joined a mature market place that is obsessed with not quality, but ever reducing costs. Not in an innovative way, but realised by cutting corners and reducing quality. We are totally against this approach and believe that we can submit competitive bids for projects whilst maintaining a core focus on customer service and quality installations.

We have collectively seen the UK Solar PV industry change a huge amount over the past 8 years and our offering is designed to take advantage of the lessons learnt in the marketplace. To optimise the designs to always suit the client’s needs and to ensure that our products are installed to a very high level based on our desire to improve the quality of installations in the UK and beyond. Quality is very important to our entire group and it is this which motivates us as we strive for perfection in our projects.

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